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How to be an Everyday Heroic Leader (in times of crises)

Hosted by
Andy Habermacher
April 6th | 19:00 CEST | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Science of Heroes: psychology, science

Yes, there is research into heroes and not of the super hero variety. What drives them, what makes them, what are their traits, what leads to their downfall and why? This is insightful stuff and can help us think clearly about everyday heroic leadership.

Everyday and unsung heroes - who are they?

Often when we think of heroes the concept of cliched super heroes comes to mind. In this webinar we build the case for everyday heroes and everyday heroic leadership. The traits and science of heroes shows us that heroic traits are very accessible and can obtained by many of us. It's not super heroes we are looking for, but everyday heroes. Can you step up to this?

Downfall of Heroes

It is well known that we build up individuals to be heroes and then, often it seems, we, or the general public, seems to then relish in their downfall. Is this the case, is it always true and why would this be?

Why do we need heroes?

We Heroes are pervasive across cultures - so why do we need them? Well there are specifically three reasons we have heroes.

What are the traits of heroes and do you have them?

We may think of heroes as being strong and brave but their personality traits are much more than this. This is very insightful. And indeed this makes it accessible to translate these into our daily actions and interactions to become an everyday hero.

The Hero's Journey - a classic model

The hero's journey is classic model of how many heroes go through a journey to achieve their heroic status. We will review this and whether this applies in all cases and what this means for you and heroic leadership.

How to be More Heroic

Quite simply by behaving more heroically. We will review your personality traits and identify what heroic strengths you already have but also what traits you will need to develop to become more heroic. Everyone can become more heroic.

Is there a heroic brain - what's the science?

We at leading brains are experts at applying neuroscience to anything with human behaviour because the brain controls this. Here we will review some neuroscientific and evolutionary aspects of the psychology behind heroes.


About Andy Habermacher

Founder leading brains

Andy is an expert on neuroleadership – applying the knowledge of human neuroscience to workplace performance. He is an author of several books focused on the neuroscientific and psychological aspects of workplace performance, health, engagement, leadership. He has over 20 years of experience in the corporate training sector and is a Certified Master Coach. He has in recent years been involved in academic research into emotional needs in the workplace.

April 6th
19:00 CEST